Ours Live Like Pigs


Able to root, wallow, and graze year round in our pastures, free from stress or crowding, our pigs thrive without added hormones or antibiotics.  Chefs from all over the state seek out our meat for its flavor and fat quality.  Click here for a list of restaurants currently serving our pork.

Hog Heaven


 Buddy The Boar, and our sows, Salt, Pepper, Fatso, and Maria, are a mix of heritage breeds. They each produce about two litters a year and enjoy a select diet of grain from the local feed store and nearby breweries along with whey from a neighboring dairy, and seasonal nuts and fruits. 

How to Purchase


Your family can order a whole or half pig for  $4 / lb hanging weight, typically 100-120 lbs / half. After  USDA certified slaughter, we'll deliver your order to a butcher for cut&wrap and curing. You will pay the butcher separately, about $100 / half Contact us to place an order. 

Butchering Guide


 For help with butchering cuts click here.



Click here for several recipes we hope you'll love. 



Pull on your boots and come visit us on the farm, please give us a heads up first. Also check out our bunkhouse and wine hike.