Help With Cutting Instructions


We'll delliver your half/whole pig to a local butcher for cut and curing for you. All you'll need to do is call the butcher shop (we'll give you the contact info. after purchase) and provide them with cut instructions to best suit your needs, here's some help.


Everybody wants lots of sausage and bacon. But that's not all you will get from your half/ whole pig order. You'll also get all the cuts back from all sections of the pig that you desire. This will include options for ham, chops, shoulder roasts, along with plenty of sausage and side meat (or belly or bacon, it’s called various names whether it’s cured or not). The butcher will walk through the options and give you advice for getting the most out of your carefully raised, pastured pig!


If you choose to cure and smoke your pork, there will be additional cost and wait time for processing. Talk with your butcher about tastey curing options. 


Depending on the weight of your pig after processing, you may get back 10 or more lbs of sausage (for a half) comprised of the trimmings and leftovers. If you would like to have more sausage from your half/whole pig, consider grinding up some of the other cuts of meat. We recommend the grinding option for a rear ham and picnic shoulder roast IF you would like more sausage back with your share.